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Subway Surfers for PC Download (Windows 7/8/XP)

subway surfers for pc

Subway Surfers, the most addictive, beautiful and joyful game the gaming world has ever had in its history. This game is suitable for time-killing and is first developed for android platform and is developed by Kiloo and Sybo.

This game is giving a tough fight to its competitor games like Vector and temple Run and has gained widespread popularity in a very short period of time .

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The main idea of this game is that you have to You have to run  your character on the Subway and police officer with a dog runs behind you to catch you. You need to prevent yourself from being caught up by the officer. The more you run; the maximum is what you score.

And it would be really interesting for you to know if you can run this game on bigger screen of your PC from now on. So let’s see, how to have this beautiful game onto your PC.

There are basically two ways to have this game on your PC, one is downloading the game by using the bluestacks and the other is by downloading the .exe file and then installing it.

Since .exe file is not an official application, so we cannot completely trust it, therefore it would be better for you to download and install it using Bluestack only.

Features of Subway Surfers PC

Subway Surfers is a never ending or infinitely railway track running game with beautiful high quality graphics. It begins with a guy running on railway track police officer running behind with a snipper dog to catch him. The game never ends the race doesn’t even stop ever till you get out either by getting caught or being obstructed due to any obstacle in the race. The other features of this game is that you need to earn the golden coins and need to clear several levels one  by one in order to clear more score at a fast rate. Subway Surfers has simple configuration ad runs like butter even on a 1 Ghz Dual Core processor having 512 MB RAM.

Subway Surfers for PC Download

So, here is the procedure of how download and install subway surfers for you big screen PC’s and enjoy it

Download Subway Surfers for PC using Bluestacks

Following are the steps in order to Download Subway Surfers for PC using the Bluestacks Android Emulator.

  1. Firstly, you need to download the Bluestack Emulator. As obvious thing you must be known to it.
  2. Then, Install and open it.
  3. Type “Subway Surfers” in the top search bar.
  4. Now, have a simple Click on the Install button and Subway Surfers for PC will simply start downloading for you. The good news is that it will get installed on your PC automatically once download is complete.
  5. Now go to “My Apps” and simply click on “Subway Surfers” to enjoy the real experience of superb game on the big screen.


With the help of these steps, you can simply enjoy the unbeatable experience of subway surfers on your PC. If you have any query about the installation procedure, feel free to contact. You Can also install whatsapp on pc using above mentioned method.

Thanking you.

Are You Planning your wedding in 6 months?

The difference between planning your wedding in 10-12 months and planning one is 6 months is the decisions you make. When you have a year to plan you wedding the you’ll have more time to think and decide on venues , arrangements ,photographers ,food,etc  but deciding the same things in 6 months can make you take decision real quick which could effect your wedding drastically. Few tips on how to fix  everything in just 6months of planning.

6 months before wedding

The first and the foremost this is deciding upon a budget.

All the arrangements that are going to take place do come will a cost and budgeting will help you decide how flexible you can be on spending on a particular thing.

Because time will be less deciding upon a wedding dress as early as possible is very important because once you have decided on what to wear it might take a few weeks before the dress is ready as per your requirements , and if you want any other changes to be done that will take few more days. so the early the better it is.

Candid Wedding Photograph

3 months before wedding

Your wedding dates and venue selection are both co-dependent.

Once your sure of a wedding date start looking for venue that suit your requirement and are under your budget.

Another important aspect is a good wedding planner.

This might take a little time as finding a good photographer requires a small research. Finding a good photographer who understands what you want and also you liking his work is very important. Also the good candid wedding photographers are usually booked so booking your dates as so as possible is important.

1 months before wedding

The last month is a final check on all small and the big things that were on you list. Reconfirmations with venues  and photographer.

Final list of food menu, jewelry shopping and confirming with the guest list.finally when all this is done get ready to enjoy your special day and enjoy with all your near and dear ones.


Download Dead Trigger 2 Free for Windows PC

An Arcade and Action game, Dead Trigger 2 is a combat game where you’d meet zombies. Dead Trigger 2 is currently available on Android devices but here’s a step-by-step guide that’ll help you play the Dead Trigger 2 on your Windows PC, that too for free!

Dead Trigger 2 is however not available on PC officially, but since its an Android game, it can be installed using an Android emulator on Windows PC.


DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Introduction

Dead Trigger 2 is a zombie combat game developed on the lines of Resident Evil, the movie. Overall experience of playing Dead Trigger 2 is awesome thanks to some kickass graphics.

Dead Trigger 2 also gets a multiplayer mode, so you and your friends can join and enjoy this game, even over the internet if you’re away. Dead Trigger 2 offers you a whole lot of missions to conquer and if you’re playing in the single player mode, there is a great feature that develops the surroundings in real time.

You can also stamp your own placed where you stop and can use tons of weapons the game offers you, but you’ll have to use them intelligently so that you don’t run out of weapons.

Dead Trigger 2 allows you to serve the world from a zombie attack. All you need to do is kill them to protect the people of the world.
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Steps to download Dead Trigger 2 for Windows PC.

  1. Download BlueStacks and install it.
  2. Search Dead Trigger 2 after opening BlueStacks in the search bar
  3. Click on the install button on Dead Trigger 2
  4. BlueStacks will download Dead Trigger 2 for Windows PC
  5. Install Dead Trigger 2 on your PC
  6. Go to My Apps on BlueStacks
  7. Open the Dead Trigger 2 and verify it using your mobile phone number
  8. Dead Trigger 2 is downloaded, installed and ready to play

BlueStacks App player software is free and easy to install from a genuine source. It is an Android emulator that lets you play the games available on Android platform on your Windows 7/8/XP PC. Thanks to BlueStacks, now it is possible to play virtually any Android game on any Windows 7/8/XP PC. Following these easy 8 steps, Dead Trigger 2 can be downloaded on your Windows PC and can be enjoyed with your friends playing together.